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Gold PandaReprise (T Hemingway Rmx)



London O’Connor // Oatmeal

Hip hop is constantly evolving. As a genre that found its place centered around the art of storytelling, it doesn’t always take the most engrossing tale to capture an audience and get heads moving, and the debut track from newcomer London O’Connor is proof. Describing Oatmeal" with a few lines about hisimaginary uncle who spends his days eating boxes of general mills and watching too much tv, London might be peculiar but the track also presents him as ambitious. Gloomy and equally effervescent, "Oatmeal" quickly unravels into a track that’s alluring and in a lot ways, ingenious . It’s an odd but much welcomed change of pace that shows the many personalities that hip hop can take on and even though it’s a debut, I’m sure that London O’Connor has a lot more surprises up his sleeve. 

Author: Jon

Check this kid out. He produced this too.

swoosh life.

it’s crazy how fast life can change. i mean, everything was flowing about a month ago.


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Majid Jordan — A Place Like This


Majid Jordan. I feel like more people should familiarize themselves with this duo because they’re so talented. Just pure vibes.

LUNICE - 1xtra Mix

Seriously, just put this mix on when you wake up in the morning.